Company Overview

Tribune Resources is more than just an energy company. We find and produce clean-burning natural gas that powers the world around us. From computer chips to home heating to parts for electric vehicles, our output is an integral component in the world's most essential products. Our expertise delivers profits and benefits to all stakeholders: land owners, royalty owners, debt and equity holders, employees, or even a non-profit benefiting from our community involvement. Our clean-burning natural gas helps power and produce the world’s most essential products while maximizing shareholder value.

  • Technical and Operational Expertise: We adopt an iterative, data-driven approach to every scenario that we encounter. We strive to think outside of the box whether prospecting, drilling & completing wells or even installing a road for a landowner. When faced with a complex scenario, we develop multiple plans of action and are not afraid to step back from our initial approach and redirect our efforts when needed so that our actions are reflective of the most profitable and holistic solution.
  • Economic Adaptability: No matter the economic environment, we find pathways to sustain profitability through technological innovation, unconventional thinking, and prudent risk taking.
  • Strategic Mindset: We are engineers, scientists, and accountants by trade, yet business people first. Decisions are made by our multi-disciplinary teams. We derive clear understandings from complex situations through our industry experience and unbiased, honest perspectives.
  • Partnership: We treat our landowners, investors, and royalty owners as valued partners. Our relationships are built upon mutual trust, integrity, and fortitude, allowing us to achieve innovation and efficiency without sacrificing safety or environmental responsibility.
  • Environmental Stewardship: We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by finding innovative ways to accomplish the task at hand with the minimum possible impact.

We offer competitive lease terms. If you have unleased acreage or if your current oil & gas lease is expiring and you are seeking an active driller to partner with in the area, please contact us.